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5 more tips for SEO friendly URLs

If you want to get your website ranked higher on search listings, making your URLs SEO friendly is a great starting point. If you’re not sure how to achieve this, these following five tips can help.

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1. Avoid keyword stuffing

Paying attention to your main keyword when deciding your URLs can work in your favour, but don’t repeatedly use your keyword in an effort to get your site noticed, as this could have the opposite effect. Not only will your URL look spammy, but it sends out the wrong signals to search engines. According to Big Commerce, keyword stuffing is likely to incur harsh Google penalties and isn’t an effective method to improve search rankings.

2. Pay attention to case sensitivity

Some servers aren’t effective at managing case-sensitive URLs, which can have a direct impact on the interpretation of page content. Microsoft servers are generally adept at automatically redirecting case-sensitive URLs, but Linux/UNIX aren’t, so pay attention to this matter when constructing page URLs.

3. Careful word separation

If you need to separate words in your URLs, it’s important that a URL still looks readable and understandable, but will also gain approval by search engines. Using hyphens or underscores are acceptable methods for separating words in URLs, but avoid leaving blank spaces as this doesn’t translate well into a readable title. If URL readability is your priority, make use of professional SEO services, such as from


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4. Be careful using punctuation characters

Some punctuation characters when inserted into a URL can completely mess it up, compromising its readability and SEO friendliness. In some cases, these characters can break certain browsers. Get to know which punctuation characters are safe to use in your URLs, and which ones are best avoided. Again, professional SEO services can assist with this task.

5. Minimise URL folders

If a URL is long and cumbersome with several folders or slashes, it can give the impression to users and search engines that a site has depth. Additionally, if you need to make any changes to the URL string, having lots of folders or slashes increases the risk of errors, and could make the process more complex. If possible, try to minimise the number of URL folders you use, whilst still making the URL obvious and understandable, to improve its structure, user-friendliness and readability.

A Marketing Review

Decide what sort of health-care items will certainly be marketed. Some items that are included under the umbrella of health-care products are: exercise devices personal-care products mobility aids nutritional products and supplements natural health help clinical tools as well as medical products * nutritional help and foods


Decide which populace the advertising project will be intended at. Health-care specialists? Individuals requiring a certain kind of health-care aid or device? A certain age? Plan to target that population in any type of advertising and marketing project.


Wellness treatment is recognized as a significant concern in today’s culture and also health care item marketing has come to be a substantial part of the economic climate. Marketing health-care products need advertising know-how and also skill, a belief in the item that is being marketed and also some fundamental decisions concerning what and also how you can market. Every year a growing number of people make their living by advertising health-care items. It’s a service with high potential that can be developed and kept up a marginal financial investment.


Establish up an internet site that reveals, in an attractive and informative way, which health-care products are being marketed. Research exactly how to maximize the internet site on the Internet online search engine (SEO). Beginning by including Google Adwords as well as a Bing Business as basic advertising and marketing devices for advertising the site. Proceed to create techniques for marketing the website as well as its items.


Establish a connection with the manufacturers whose items will certainly be sold. Each maker will, via their internet site, give the required start-up sales set as well as basic info to instruct ways to sell their items.


Produce a prepare for advertising health-care items. Both primary options for marketing medical care items are: Sign up as a supplier of a large medical care product producer to market their products solely or subscribe as a supplier for an already-established supplier. Create a specific niche for the sort of health-care products that will be sold and offer items that fall under that specific niche from several various manufacturers.


Marketing health-care items is a service that can be established with a little investment. Begin by acquiring several of the basic products and also do some basic advertising and promo. When the company begins to show a return on the investment, extra items may be contributed to the supply as well as the advertising products may be updated. Bank loan, if required, may be readily available with individual states’ economic advancement companies. Each state will certainly have a website for its very own economic development firm.

How to Survive Google Updates

If you’re a business with a website, you cannot escape the need to abide by Googles rules if you want your website to be found by customers. Every so often they run an update and website owners panic as they lose their prominent page positions and traffic weakens. Google don’t do this to be awkward, although it can feel like that at times. It’s part of constantly adapting to provide a better user experience. Most of their updates are simply quality control measures.

Google checks on factors like mobile-optimization and websites without this feature or those which were difficult to navigate on a mobile device, were penalized. This sounds harsh but for the consumer, it’s very important. That’s why all businesses, both big and small, need to keep their website current and usable to avoid the wrath of Google’s bots!

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Other ways your website can be penalized include having poorly written or duplicate content, using a keyword-stuffing method, dubious links and other examples of cutting-corners that make a website poorer quality or potential harmful. If you want to keep your website away from Google’s bad books then here is what you need to do:

  • Make sure your site is mobile-friendly and test it on multiple devices. For help with getting your website into shape, think about contacting a Cardiff Web Designer like
  • Ensure you have plenty of good, relevant content on each of your pages. Fewer than 400 words could draw the negative attention of Google’s bots.
  • Don’t stuff lots of keywords into the content. Try to use any such phrases naturally in the content itself.
  • Think about the reader and make the content engaging, current and relevant to your industry. It’s not just about the bots!
  • Check your bounce rate in Google Analytics. Bounce rates are a way of telling Google how quickly people arrive and leave your site. If it’s high compared to a similar site then Google will lower your ranking as you are seen to not be satisfying customer’s needs. You’ll need to look for the keywords that are causing the most ‘bounces’ and see what can be done for optimizing those pages.
  • Social media buttons on your home page are another way of showing Google that people like and share your content. Make sure you’re using social media to your advantage and getting your fair share of tweets and likes on Facebook.

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  • Check Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to be confident you’re not committing any inadvertent bloopers. Being engaged in link schemes is frowned upon as is not having a sitemap. By making sure that you adhere to all of these guidelines should mean that come the next Google update, you won’t be receiving any nasty surprise penalties or a loss of web traffic.
  • The most important to way to survive any future Google update is the quality of your content, pure and simple. It has to serve a purpose, it must provide value and it has to be unique to stand out from the crowd. Make sure all content is original and in your own words as plagiarized content will be heavily penalized.

How to Achieve Consistency In Web Design

A company’s website is often the first port of call for potential clients. The design of a website can impact the image of your company, and one of the significant problems in web design is a lack of consistency. While some struggle to achieve this, it can be a simple process.

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Keep an Identity

Different page layouts can cause a company to seem unprofessional. Potential customers may be confused by the continuously changing designs and also give the impression that the organization is disorganised. By using a set scheme and layout for every page, negative reactions can be replaced by positive ones.

Clear and Concise Information

A continuous stream of text will bore readers and cause them to lose attention. Using sub-headings breaks the information into more digestible pieces. Essential information you want to convey can be highlighted in bold. However, if you use bold writing a lot, make sure the information is all relevant.

Spacing Elements Correctly

A website should look attractive and well organised. When using images, it’s critical to maintain an equal space between each one. The last thing people want to see is a messy website. It looks amateur and conveys a sense of laziness. You can make this an easy task by using a grid system. The invisible lines will assist you in playing objects correctly.

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Seek Advice from Professionals

If you’re feeling pressured in creating your website, it’s a good idea to seek help. A professional London web design company will ensure your website maintains its consistency and also save you a lot of time. While you may be worried about the costs, businesses such as web development services by Redsnapper will protect you from the long-term effects a poorly design website can have. There are reasons that consistent sites are necessary for long-term company growth.

Don’t Let Clients Get Lost

Easy navigation of a website is vital. If a client can’t find their way around your website, they’re likely to leave. A clear and readable menu allows people to find what they want. Links to other pages should be clear and clickable.

Before you start designing your website, have a colour scheme and layout in mind. By planning and using these tips, your website will be an engaging and positive experience for users and help ensure overall success.

Reason to Choose best Website Developer among Others In Market

LinkHelpers Scottsdale Web Design is one of the growing companies that give guidance on how to improve business in social media web pages. Also, they will give solutions on a timely manner without any delay. All persons in that company are well-trained, educated and able to handle any type of problems as well. Some of the services offered by website developers are local level of search engine optimization marketing, website designing and development services when needed and necessary, online type of reputation management with well-trained persons, online marketing business and branding, video and mobile marketing, and social media websites management. Now, importance of search engine optimization is increasing in the market. Search engine optimization is one of the techniques wherein our business website and relevant search results holding highest rank for viewers. Most of the companies that deal business related to pay-per-click and pay per registration will use this type of search engine optimization techniques more effectively since they will get paid for each entry of such viewers at any part of time. Also, online shopping website uses this search engine optimization technologies and one of the best example is Amazon. Whenever we enter any product to search, we will get search page that relevant to Amazon only. They will keep on tracking their business entities with the help of expert search engine optimizer. Earlier, to promote any type of business, we need to list our business under some free listing data bases like yellow pages and some other relevant magazines and reports. But in today’s market, creativity plays a major role in any type of business and they would like to promote business in all possible creative manners and that includes social media sites like Face book, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Interest.

Working Procedure

They will first focus on type of business market and they will keep track on their competitors as well. As search engines optimization techniques will list most looking websites in the first preferences. They will understand mind-set of people who viewing our business markets and design templates and frame keywords accordingly. Basically, customers will search for any product or an item based on categories like place, price, type of service, discounts offered by them, and other customer reviews and feedback as well. Based on this category, web traffic designed to get frequent update from their website. We need to focus on both good services in our locality and rank positions of website in se arch engine which will make better business than usual market.

Website designing and online marketing techniques

While the Online Marketing remains the newest form of marketing for the most companies, it is old enough for the managements to check the trends and find out which one is the right way to go about in the online marketing.  While the Google search engine is occupying 90% market space, other two providers also have a significant market share which one should not avoid at any cost. Though they may allocate to reduce a budget when it comes to marketing for those 2 engines, online marketing specialist in Singapore should consider all three popular search engines.  There are lot of techniques and tools used by SEO specialists when it comes to online marketing especially the pay per click marketing. There are methods which are called White Hat techniques and supported by the search engine which will guarantee good results. There are other techniques which are called black hat and following them may lead to the ban of the website. Whilst there are some techniques which are not supported but might escape the scrutiny but these are also as bad as black hat techniques.  So website design specialist in Singapore will ensure that he incorporate white hat techniques while designing the website itself so that SEM specialist does not need to rework on the same.

Skilful website design services in Singapore uses the appropriate technology to design the website based on the requirement given by the client. For once, you can’t use the same methodology for all the website designs. When every ones requirement is unique, solution to the requirement also should be unique.  CMS may not fit for all the requirements. So the designer should not hesitate to use the appropriate coding language whenever required. One more aspect that the designer must have in his mind is that while the customer’s idea will be raw, he should ensure he develops that idea and ensure to bring that into visual. While there are lots of CMS available for to use which one designer has to choose. What are all the points he has to consider before choosing the right CMS for the website? While most of the bloggers and magazines prefer to use word press as their CMS other websites which are all of complex nature tend to move towards other CMS like Joomla. Benefits of using the CMS include availability of the resources and help at the click of the button over the internet. There are huge numbers of developers who offer support over the dedicated forums for these CMS.