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Take the estate lawyers help to understand the will better

We understand the growing difficulties in different Australian families due to the structure of the family, that leads to conflicts and this has only been rising. Hentys have over 2 decades of valuable Intel on how to handle these tricky cases. With experience in dealing with thousands of cases we understand how difficult it is for you and your family hence we try to keep this entire ordeal as fast as possible. The reason behinds the disputes is when a person decides to write heir to the property and due to one or more reason a person has been omitted or given a lesser share of the estate, it is important to understand the reason behind this move as we get to know about the will only when the person is dead.

The will can be against you sometimes due to no fault of yours

If the person who has been affected by the will had an argument or wasn’t in the good books of the estate owner then we could say that his judgment on the will was clouded by the animosity he had with our plaintiff. Our team digs details into the frame work of the family to understand the reason behind this disputed wills as we cannot discount any reason without proper investigation. The most common cases are that the will was written a long time ago and the plaintiff’s relationship has changed since the time it was written or the property mentioned in the will has already been sold to someone else as the will was written many years prior to the death of the property owner and he didn’t revisit the will with his estate lawyer.

Out of court settlement is beneficial to all the parties

Our aim is to represent you in the best possible way hence we try the best to stop make the will disputes into a raging war with the members of the family and most of the times we have been successful in closing the case prior to its reaches the footsteps of the court by mediating with the family members and to derive at a solutions after a lot of deliberation which satisfies everyone’s need.