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How to Get Quick Approval for High Risk Payment Processing

Changing the notion that high-risk merchant accounts are “risky” is beyond your control, right now it would be more useful worrying about how to go against all odds to find one. In case you have had your applications rejected by ACH/Check 21 or credit card processors, it’s too early to give up. There is a way out.

First you have to realize that your high-risk business will require some specialized payment processing services for your merchant account unlike non-risky businesses. These measures are set to ensure high level of risk management. High-risk payment processingrequires a service that can manage its exceptional selling model, but without exaggerated extra costs that will come with added financial liability.


Before choosing a processor, ensure youthoroughly go through the underwriting guidelines. If each rule is strict, and none seems to favor your business then there’s no need to move further with application as this will affect you merchant account in future.


High risk merchants seeking quick approval for their accounts to start processing credit cards or Check21/ACH payments may not find it easy. Most processor have staff whofocus on scrutinizing retailers who have been categorized as high risk by other processors such as ACH/Check21. Therefore to help you find a quick processing method, below are red flags to that will indicate you are a merchant of high risk.


  • If you have a pending or rejected approval with any previous merchant accounts by a main processor you won’t be trusted.
  • If your chargebacks too high or are rapidly increasing in number overtime, you will look too risky to handle.
  • In case you are running high-risk business such as debt collection, air travel, adult, or online pharmaceuticals.
  • Poor credit scores and bad credit will lead to automatic disqualification.
  • International platforms – apart from local customers, do you target clients abroad?



If you have all it takes to pass through the above checklist, then you can have your payment processing verified. Failure to meet the requirements will force you to look for alternative sources of merchant processorswhich may include high risk or offshore processors. However, it is noticeable that the major cause of account termination is a large count of chargeback transactions-therefore if you want to increase the likelihood of having a positive response, you know where to start.